Review panel

Review Process

All submissions have been subject to a double-blind peer review with at least two anonymous reviewers per abstract to ensure a high quality of papers and to facilitate a coherent conference programme. The review process has been organized as follows:

  1. After closing the call for papers (18 February 2021) all submissions were reviewed by the international review panel.
  2. All abstracts have been reviewed independently by at least two reviewers, assigned on a random basis.
  3. Review criteria were the scientific quality of the proposal, originality of the proposed research and its relevance regarding the conference theme.
  4. Abstracts have been ranked on a scale from 1 to 10 for each criteria (with 10 being the highest possible score). Considering the three criteria and two reviewers an abstratc could score a maximum of 60 points.
  5. For every abstract aggregated scores were then calculated and ranked accordingly.
  6. In a final step the highest ranking abstracts were assigned to different thematic blocks, while taking into account gender balance as well as geographic representation.
  7. Notifications of acceptance were sent out by 9 March 2017, on the basis of the ranking.


International Review Panel

The organization of the 2017 Interconnections Conference expresses gratitute to all members of the International Review Panel.

Brandi, Dr. Clara                                        German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Bauer, Dr. Steffen                                      German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Mathis, Okka-Lou                                      German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Ellinger, Paula                                             Fundacio Avina / BR, Brazil

Van Asselt, Harro                                       Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) / SE, Sweden

Mbeva, Kennedy                                         African Centre for Technology Studies / KE, Kenya

Chan, Dr. Sander                                         German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Eichhorn, Friederike                                   German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Hein, Dr. Jonas                                            German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Dombrowsky, Dr. Ines                                 German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Dzebo, Addis                                                 Stockholm Environment Institute / SE, Sweden

Pegels, Dr. Anna                                            German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Bansard, Jennifer                                          University of Potsdam / DE, Germany

Widerberg, Oscar                                           Vrije University Amsterdam / NL, Netherlands, The

Mockshell, Dr. Jonathan                              German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Richerzhagen, Carmen                                  German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Rodriguez de Francisco, Dr. Jean Carlo     German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Hermwille, Lukas                                            Wuppertal Institute / DE, Germany

Zelli, Fariborz                                                   Lund University / SE, Sweden

Schraven, Dr. Benjamin                                 German Development Institute / DE, Germany

Houdret, Annabelle                                         German Development Institute / DE, Germany