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1 Aligning and Linking SDGs and NDCs I

Climate change efforts and the SDGs: trajectories and interconnections for Caribbean SIDS - Michelle Scobie

Low-carbon transition under Agenda2030: Climate-development trade-offs and synergies - Gabriela Iacobuta and Niklas Höhne

SDGs and Paris Agreement- Terms of Reference for the Global Energy Transformation? Lukas Hermwille

Arguments and options for increased alignment in the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement and the 2030 Agenda at national level - Sven Harmeling

2 Climate Compatible Development at Local Levels

Critical Reflections on Local Level Climate Compatible Development Policies/Practice from Ghana - Mathias Edetor, Murat Okumah and Rajesh Kumar

Climate policy integration in rapidly urbanizing developing countries: Insights from medium-sized Kenyan cities - Steffen Bauer and Eva Dick

Climate change risk management: an analysis of opportunities for collaboration between cities  and companies in Latin America- Juliana Lopes and Andreia Banhe

Transforming our cities is key for sustainable development – why we need partnerships with local actors for achieving global development goals - Daniel Günther

3 Building Local and National Capacities

Leveraging the power of mutual learning networks and lesson drawing among state and non-state actors to implement the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals - Dr. Katharine Rietig

What are the institutional drivers for accelerating new climate economies at sub national level in Sub Saharan Africa –Lessons from the lake Victoria Basin in Tanzania - Donald Kasongi

Building blocks for local climate action – potentials of vertical integration - Lisa Strauch, Anne Dahmen

4 Aligning and Linking SDGs and NDCs II

Examining the alignment between the intended nationally determined contributions and sustainable development goals - Eliza Northrop, Hana Biru, Sylvia Lima, Mathilde Bouye, and Ranping Song

Sustainable development and climate action: thoughts on an integrated approach to SDG and NDC implementation - Andrea Hurtado Epstein and Stephanie La Hoz Theuer

Introducing the NDC Partnership - Romeo Bertolini

5 Financing Sustainable, Low-Carbon and Resilient Development

Private Governance in Developing Countries: What Are the Drivers of Voluntary Carbon Offset Programs? - Liliana Andonova and Yixian Sun

Virtual Currencies Innovation applied for Climate Change Mitigation by the People - Leopoldo Molina

Climate finance and poverty: exploring the linkages between climate change and poverty evident in the provision and distribution of international public climate finance - Jordan Beecher

Kenya Climate Finance: An investigative case study of Adaptation and Mitigation Synergy in Agribusiness - Elvine Kwamboka Mayaka

6 Realizing Inclusive Transformation at All Levels

Making the SDG national report climate-smart and climate-ambitious - Sven Harmeling and Ruth Fuller

New Alliances in Global Sustainability Governance: International Environmental Bureaucracies and Non-State Actors- Dr. Thomas Hickmann and Joshua Elsässer

Anchoring inclusiveness: Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action and bridging asymmetries in non-Party stakeholder engagement - Idil Boran

The experience of mainstreaming climate change adaptation at sub-national level in Lombardy, Italy: lessons learnt, instruments and possible pathways for the implementation of the SDGs agenda at the local level - Pregnolato, M.; Fraschini, F.; Lapi, M., Cozzi, L.; Ballarin Denti, A.

7 Governance for Adaptation and Resilience

Protection of urban poor from ecosystem disservices for attaining sustainable development goals: status and determinants in a coastal metropolis in Bangladesh - Nuzhat Fatema and Md Mustafa Saroar

From vulnerability assessments to adaptation planning: science-based co-development approaches in SIDS and LDCs - Tabea Lissner, Delphine Deryng, Sarah D’haen, Michiel Schaeffer

Mapping of transnational governance of climate change adaptation - Adis Dzebo

Expanding climate insurance to 400 million additional poor and vulnerable people: The InsuResilience initiative on climate risk insurance -Simon Hagemann

8 Non-State and Sub-national Engagement in Developing Countries I

The Global Climate Action Agenda: Effective orchestration to bolster transnational adaptation? - Dr Sander Chan and Wanja Amling

On-the-Field Experiences of State, Non-State and Subnational Actors in Promoting Climate Resilient Agriculture in Ghana - Olawale Emmanuel Olayide

Rights, Justice, and REDD+: Lessons from Climate Advocacy and Early Implementation in the Amazon Basin - Deborah Delgado Pugley

Non-state actors’ contributions in meeting mitigation and access challenges in rural Thailand - Laurence Delina

9 Climate Change and Sustainability: Synergies and Trade-offs

Interconnections between the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement – Putting the Spotlight on Trade Elements in the NDCs - Clara Brandi

Linking the climate and ocean agendas: a reflection on coastal carbon - Jennifer Bansard

Transnationalization of hydropower in transboundary basins – Contributing to the Paris agreement at the expense of 2030 Agenda? - Ines Dombrowsky

Options for Leveraging the SDGs for Increasing Ambition under the UNFCCC - Wolfgang Obergassel, Florian Mersmann, Hanna Wang‐Helmreich

10 Energy Transition I

The Triple Win. Fossil fuel subsidy reform and fuel taxation: Opportunities for governments to save money, fund sustainable development, and reduce GHG emissions - Laura Merrill

Energizing SDGs: The EnergyPlus Approach - P. Balachandra and Thiyagarajan Velumail

Biofuel and Climate Change in Africa: A paradox of sustainable development? - Sofiane Bouhdiba

11 Health and Climate Action

Introduction to Health and Climate Action, relevance & position of Germany - MinR Heiko Warnken

Stepping out of sectoral comfort zones to implement the SGDs 2030 and the Paris Climate Agreement in East Africa: The evidence and lessons learnt from Population -Health- Environment (PHE) Integration- Charles Kabiswa

The Cross-boarder Paradox: Why Indigenous Rights Matter for a Dwindling Desert Lake - Wangechi, Wambugu

12 Non-State and Sub-national Engagement in Developing Countries II

Climate Change and SDGs: the role of Civil Society in China and India- Dr. Robert Mizo

Civil society organisations in international climate change negotiations: A case study from Tanzania - Robert E. Katikiro

The Role of Multi-stakeholder Partnership in addressing the Climate change-Sustainable Development Nexus - Shepherd Muchuru

Non State and Sub National Actions in Agenda 2030 and Paris Agreement Implementation: Exploring the orchestration of partnership mechanism for effective implementation - Okechukwu Enechi

13 Justice and Democratic Norms in Climate and Sustainability Action

Between democracy and efficacy in developing countries: why sub-national and non-state actors should lead and states should follow - Navam Niles

Tracing Normativity in Sustainable Development: A Model of Norms in the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement, and the Papal Encyclical - Esther Meyer, Gregor Schmieg, Jeremias Herberg

Ambition, Participation and Effectiveness – Utilizing the NDC Partnership as a Catalyst for NDC Implementation in Developing Countries - Dr. Joachim Fünfgelt and Manuela Mattheß

Assessing the Impacts of National Climate Self-Differentiation on Climate Governance- Meg Boyle

14 Energy Transition II: How do subsets of transnational climate governance initiatives interact?

Actors, Institutions and Frames in Global Energy Politics - Thijs Van de Graaf and Fariborz Zelli

Analysing the Climate-Energy Nexus - Lisa Sanderink, Oscar Widerberg, Philipp Pattberg

Promoting Carbon Pricing Internationally: Over-supply in the Market of Institutions? - Jakob Skovgaard and Jana Canavan

The More the Merrier? Interactions between International Cooperative Initiatives Promoting Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform - Harro van Asselt

A Packed Renewable Energy Domain: Exploring the Interactions - Lisa Sanderink

15 Market Mechanisms for Implementing the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement

Sustainability labelling of climate mitigation outcomes relevant to Article 6 of the Paris Agreement- Karen Holm Olsen & Fatemeh Bakhtiari

Non-state actors for electricity demand-side management - Thomas Grammig

SDG-proofing the Paris market mechanisms to unlock mitigation and sustainable development synergies- Matthias Honegger and Patrick Toussaint

Options to promote sustainable development through climate mitigation actions under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement – Christof Arens and Karen Holm Olsen