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 10950 Plano Rd, Dallas, TX 75238, USA

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HOLT CAT Dallas always provides great customer service, they are willing to help me with the research to locate the parts needed for my CAT engine.

Was not good…been there twice and still di not have a engine belt that will work…..no help at all.

Really cool salesmen that showed my husband and I around the place, they seem to have better knowledge of what and how the equipment works more then RDO does. Everything is cleaned out and neatly placed for viewing/looking at the equipment. There are alright rent to own plans basically if your willing to pay more for the machine per month then just buying it and doing a hefty down payment with a lower interest rate. But we all have decisions to make and that’s up for each person to consider. The new Skid steer is what we really came to look at and that was really cool. CAT basically took all of the cool and more useful things from all the other competitors and mashes it all into their new machines. The AC vents can actually hit your face and you can turn them which ever way you would like. I LOVE the Def and Diesel fill ups are on the side of the machine so you can fill up like a car basically. The John Deere 331G you have to go in the back compartment (kids by the air filter area). We also like that the rear view mirror is longer and wider compared to the rest. Also the couplers are covered and some of the hydraulic lines are cover with a mesh to keep some debris off of it.